"Working with Alexsondra has been a game changer for me and I don't use those words lightly. As a former corporate Banker and someone who was on the fringe with Somatic work, I was BLOWN AWAY from the beginning and have now done ~10 sessions (and doing more) . I was also skeptical of how effective the remote sessions are, but they are equally effective (if not more). Not only have I shifted massively for the better, I'm a different person after working with her and understand myself in an entirely new way (this is priceless).  HIGHLY recommend working with Alexsondra if you are feeling called to this work, it will rock your world for the better."


client since May 2021




"Alexsondra offers you a new experience with your emotions and body. It is such a beautiful and rare opportunity - to have someone feel what’s in your body with you without judgement. And that’s what she does! In this intimate exchange, she holds your energy and emotions, resulting in an opportunity for you to see it and understand it in a new light, because you don’t have to carry it all on your own. And together, work with it to listen to it, release it or transform it anew. 

Alexsondra is not only a practiced and skillful somatic body worker, but she is also well versed in the terrains of relational coaching. She has done the work herself, and it is clear that her deep commitment to self inquiry and relational awareness in her own life has given her ample insight, wisdom and reflection that she then  shares with her clients.

This is Alexsondra life’s calling. Please do not hesitate to experience yourself in a new way with a rare woman who has beautifully aligned her passion, purpose and practice."

​May 10th, 2021




"Alexsondra helped me to be present with my repressed emotions.  She helped all of my parts to feel accepted and loved.  I could feel so much releasing from my body, dissolving old patterns of tension.  When the inner storm subsided, a profound peace took root.  My body felt completely open, making room for inspiration and creativity to flourish.  I have gone from cynical to full of hope.  I didn't know such healing was possible!  Alexsondra is a treasure!"
Dan from Austin, TX

client since 2018


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As a Shamanic Practitioner, Somatic Soul Worker and, Relationship Guide Alexsondra delves into clients’ psyches and guide them into post-traumatic growth. After years of working through the trauma of her self and others, Alexsondra realized the merits of play. At which point she became a nomad and began a grand adventure traveling though the realms of her inner and outer world. You can now find Alexsondra traveling, writing, making art, and giving long distance Relationship Guidance and Somatic Soul Worker.

Happiness is our Soul Priority

Alexsondra, Soul Healer