The Experience

Somatic Soul Work is light touch or no touch, meditative, relaxing energy work. It is practiced with clients’ fully clothed on a futon mat, massage table or on a video call.  Somatic Soul Work may facilitate greater access to feelings and emotions that are challenging to face alone. The experience may take a client to the greatest depths of sorrow or the greatest heights of joy. Despite the session being light touch or no touch some clients experience a deep muscular relaxation only ever previously experienced through deep tissue massage. The best results are achieved when both therapist and client reach a meditative, trance like state. After a good session clients may feel relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated

The Benefits

The Benefits of Somatic Soul Work are much like those of talk therapy, emotional surgery, or meditation. Somatic Soul Work helps to relax and de-stress. It also helps to ground, recenter and process emotions. In so doing it allows one to more easily approach emotional and stressful situations in life from a centered, grateful, and level headed space and then process through the situation calmly and easily. In short, It brings greater resilience to clients. This leads to less anxiety and a happier, more well adjusted, balanced life with a greater capacity  for success in whatever one should choose to pursue.  It is profound and powerful to be deeply touched, to be brought to a state of stillness and peace, to release, and to be our most authentic brilliantly shining selves.


​Trapped Emotional Energy
​Everybody holds emotions within their muscles and fascia. Most people can name where their muscles get tight when they are stressed. Our body is designed to allow emotions to flow through it. When we are in resistance to feeling our emotions and letting them flow the resistance encapsulates, suppresses, and traps the emotions within our body. This resistance solidifies into a block called a restraint. These restraints may cause restrictions, knots, and pain within our physical and energetic bodies. I use a variety of methods listed below to release the restrained emotional energy and allow it to flow through your body ultimately enabling physical and emotional well-being. 


Through meditation and witnessing practices I developed the skill to feel the trapped emotion that my client is resisting. If you are interested in how the science behind empathy works I recommend researching mirror neurons. 
​By means of this skill I discovered another technique I could use to release energy restraints, sometimes referred to as emotional surgery. I have completed so much emotional processing for myself I know the path I need to take to process the emotions being held by my clients. For example, when I am empathizing with my client’s emotion of scarcity (fear of not having enough) I move myself into gratitude for what I have and (if the client is willing) it shifts and releases the scarcity being held by my client. 

​Sound Therapy

​I taught myself sound therapy by witnessing how the singing bowl music I play while giving soul work affected the healing of my client while in session. I have since researched and have become certified in sound therapy but nothing has taught me more than my own experience.

Science has just begun to recognize that emotions are electrical energy. All energy vibrates at different frequencies and the different frequencies of emotional energy make up the different types of emotions. These vibrational frequencies can be translated into different sound vibrations aka notes. By singing these notes I can help release the sad, angry, or scared emotions that are trapped within my clients body. 

Another way in which I use sound therapy is to heal body parts. We (and everything in the universe) are made up of vibrating energy and each of our body parts vibrates at different frequencies. When a body part becomes unwell it vibrates at a different frequency than when it is healthy. I feel the subtle vibration of the unwell body part and I sing that specific vibrational frequency (aka note or tone). I then take that note and slide it to the healthy vibrational frequency until the body part shifts frequencies from unhealthy to healthy.

Parts Therapy Hypnosis - Spirit Guidance

Parts therapy is a type of hypnosis that is used to resolve inner conflict. I use parts therapy to resolve the conflict between the mind, the body, the heart, and any other parts of ourselves that might be in conflict with another part of ourselves. For example, if my client’s knee has been giving my client chronic pain I will ask my client to personify their knee to give their knee an image and a name. We will then have a conversation with the knee to find out why it is sending pain signals to my client (aka what is it trying to tell my client?) and we will work on a means of resolving the issue the knee has in order to prevent further pain. 

A spirit guide is a being that we meet through dreaming that assists our emotional growth. Since both dreams and hypnosis function in the realm of the subconscious it is possible to speak with our spirit guides through Hypnosis. The training I received in SomatoEmotional Release focuses on a spirit guide called the inner physician, a being that monitors all of our health and well being. Some of the most powerful conversations, emotional release, and growth come out of conversations with and instructions from inner physicians.

Alexsondra, Soul Healer


Somatic Soul Work is light touch or no touch energy work practiced with clients’ fully clothed on a massage table, futon mat or on video call. The best results are achieved when both therapist and client reach a meditative state. Attunements (sessions) may include Micro-movement manipulations, assisted stretching, energy work, sound therapy, and talking around thoughts or emotions that arise. It is profound and powerful to be deeply touched, to be brought to a state of stillness and peace, to release, and to be our most authentic brilliantly shining selves.

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"For several years I have suffered from classic migraines with aura that are extremely disruptive to my life. Somatic Soul Work often worked faster to relieve my debilitating pain than any other migraine relief that I’ve tried. Somatic Soul Work brings careful awareness to the fact that pain can often come from both physical or emotional places, and this practice has greatly improved my overall wellbeing."
Amanda Cavazos Weems


"Alexsondra helped me to be present with my repressed emotions.  She helped all of my parts to feel accepted and loved.  I could feel so much releasing from my body, dissolving old patterns of tension.  When the inner storm subsided, a profound peace took root.  My body felt completely open, making room for inspiration and creativity to flourish.  I have gone from cynical to full of hope.  I didn't know such healing was possible!  Alexsondra is a treasure!"
Dan from Austin, TX
​client since 2018

Possible Benefits of Somatic Soul Work:​​

  • Mindfulness and Embodiment
  • Greater resilience
  • Mood and Hormone balancing
  • Relief and elimination of chronic conditions presumed to be incurable such as:
    • Migraines or headaches
    • Stress  and Insomnia
    • Allergies
    • Emotional distress
    • Emotional stagnation
    • Chronic pain
  • Improvement of psychological disorders such as:
    • ADD/ADHD
    • Autism
    • Depression
    • Anxiety