About Xarissa Alexsondra  (Known as Alexsondra)

Alexsondra, Soul Healer

Since I was very young I have felt a deep connection to humanity. I was always more concerned about connections to people then about my school work. As an adult, in an attempt to understand humanity's motivation for existing, I delved into the human psyche by studying and receiving a bachelor's degree in world religion from St. Edward’s University. While in school I imagined creating a neutral space that used the tools of religion (such as incense and candles) to impel people to be still and know themselves. After graduation, I began to attend Thai Massage Jams, merely as a hobby. After a year of attending these Jams, I realized I liked Thai massage, I was good at it, and I could be making money with it!

In 2015 I went back to school to get my massage license. I studied massage under Alex Mathews, LMTI at Austin Community College and Thai Massage under Robert Gardner, LMTI. I also studied SomatoEmotional Release/CranioSacral Therapy at the Upledger Institute.  While I was in school, I joyfully realized that my previous goal of creating a sacred space could be reached through massage therapy, and as a Hypnotist and Somatic Soul Worker/CranioSacral Therapist I can help induce a state of stillness and meditation in my client. When practicing SomatoEmotional Release/CranioSacral Therapy I realized my latent empathic abilities and, with guidance, learned to greatly refine and expanded them for use in my practice. I have since started incorporating Sound Therapy, Parts Therapy, Shamanic Practices, and a vast plethora of other psychological, physiological and religious techniques into my soul work in the service of transformation, awakening, and the wholiness of us all

Beyond my life as a soul worker I am a nomad, traveling the world and writing about my travel through the physical and spiritual world. I also attend meditation retreats and shamanic ceremonies, practice martial arts, create art, sing and dance, and bring Joy and Beauty into the world.Type your paragraph here.